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Suzuko Corporation

2-7-17 Shin-yokohama,

Yokohama, Kanagawa, JAPAN

TEL: 011-81-45-478-1151

FAX: 011-81-45-478-1105


Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy
  • Our mission is to dedicate our service to our customers as well as into future advancement of our society.
  • We make our utmost to serve our customers and deliver fine products to meet our customer satisfaction while keeping in harmony with the community, ensuring our employee's happiness and company's prosperity, as well as mutual growth.
  • We aim for"total high-tech solution"(producing with best materials, great processing, excellent equipment) as proud experts and professionals in industrial production field.
  • We, as members of information network corporation in production field, have formed main six groups of fields.(Industrial Diamonds, Polyimide Resin, Fine Chemicals, Precision Polishing Tools, Robot, FA tools, Environmental Protection Equipments) Having not only these six special expertism, but also integrated our fusion efforts.We are determined to challenge the market needs, solving issues with innovation of new technology while working diligently towards customer satisfaction.
  • We respect and obey the rules and regulations, and continue to give endless efforts to protect global environment.(Certified ISO14001/9001)
We place trust as our number one priority, with more than 130 years of experience and accomplishments as our solid base, value our group companies and customers relationship with us.We will continue to provide the best service to our customers and the society, and that is our mission.We greatly appreciate our customer's continuing support.

Suzuko Corporation Chief Executive Officer

Kozaburo Suzuki