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Diamond Lapping Sheet POLYMOND
Very Strong Diamond Sheet"POLYMOND"

Polymond is a new type of diamond sheet which is stirred and mixed with diamond grits and the highest heat-proof Polyimide resin for ultra precision lapping.


As a result of our original research and years of development, Shin-nissan Diamond Tools Mfg.Co., Ltd.and UBE Industries, Ltd.have innovated a new ultra precision lapping material ever existed in the precision industry.It is used the entirely new technique of mixing both diamond grits and polyimide resin by stirring and differs from the existing coating method which used adhesives.In addition, the base resin is made with special polyimide which marks the highest in quality among the super engineering plastics, highest in heat-resistance and strongest in flexion.

Excellent features and advantage of POLYMOND
  • Diamond grits are combined with high strength and heat-resistance Polyimide resin by using a new technique of stir and mixture in one body.The grit maintaining force is remarkably strong, gives longer life and lower in cost performance.
  • Because of the high strength and high heat-resistance, the sheet itself has large flexional strength, high elasticity and high tensile strength.
  • POLYMOND shows excellent effect on polishing hard-but-brittle materials.
  • Because of high strength and high heat-resistance of Polyimid resin, the heat-resistance of POLYMOND is remarkable and there is rarely any thermal change seen under about 200ºc.POLYMOND can bear heavy duty.
  • POLYMOND has various types of shapes and sizes, it can create rough polishing to perfect mirror finishing.
  • POLYMOND can easily cut by a cutter or scissors.

Use Application
Tungsten Carbide, super and steel alloys, ceramics parts, optic fiber and glass products, mirror finishing process of crystal and sapphire and other gems, free-curved surfaces of irregular shaped products

POLYMOND Specification
Description Particle Size Dimension Thickness Color
100 170-200μm 114~114mm
ƒtƒ@ƒC200Aƒtƒ@ƒC300standard size

œadhesives type also available
200μm Yellow
200 85-100μm 100μm Orange
280 65-75μm 90μm Moss Green
400 40-60μm 90μm Dark Mustard
600 30-40μm 75μm Brown
800 20-30μm 75μm Light Green
1000 10-20μm 75μm Dark Brown
1500 8-16μm 75μm Black
3000 3-8μm 75μm Green
5000 0.5-3μm 75μm Yellow Green
10000 0-1μm 75μm Yellow

  • *Durable for both wet and dry conditions but preferable in dry condition to give longer lasting results and better polishing performance.
  • *To get the best feature of POLYMOND, polishing should be done with heavier pressure than lighter pressure.If the polishing performance becomes weaker, the use of dressing stick is recommended.
  • *As particle sizes for ultra precision lapping are indistinguishable by finger touch, color identifications are applied for respective particle sizes.It is recommended to select the most suitable one for intended application.