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Cone-Plate Viscometer
Cone-Plate Viscometer
SUZAC 855 Model

[ Feature ]

This equipment is to measure the rheologic characteristic within viscosity solution continuously and used in various fields of industry as well as physics and chemical science field.It can be used in quality control of partly-finished products to final products of various solutions.In principal, testing portion is placed in between the rotating circular cone and circular plate, measuring the rate of shear and shearing force that is caused by the spinning, with higher precision electronic sensor, it records on X-Y recorder.SUZAC 855 Model Cone-Plate Viscometer has been remodeled our conventional meter by making it compact size and light weight, improving parts of the torque sensor and lifting plate parts and adding titanium alloy and highly sophisticated engineering plastic material for higher degree of accuracy.

[ Specification ]

Cone Structure Diameter: ƒÓ58mm Apex angle: 22min Stainless-steel
Plate Structure Diameter: ƒÓ90mm Stainless-steel, Incubation method by inner water flow.
Plate Lifting Manually by handle.
Plate Lifting Power 5kg
Plate Stopping Point }0.01mm
Torque Sensor Rating: 100mNEm Degree of precision: }0.5%R.0Maximum Rating: 150mNEm
Maximum Cone Rotating Frequency 100rpm
Sweep Time 3 Minutes
Display Torque, Cone Rotating Frequency shown on chart, Power Output
Power Output X-Y Recorder Analog Output
Torque: 1-2.5V/100mNEm
Rotating Frequency: 1-2.5V/100rpm
Power AC100V}10% 50, 60Hz


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