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Magnetic Pipe Guard"Magtight"
Strongly Removes Red Iron Oxide Dust, Rust and Slime
Area of Use Example
Cooling Tower Air Conditioner
Boiler Various types of industrial boiler, internal combustion engines
Cooling System Plastic form cooling system, Food industry, Brewery
Water Supply System Office, Housing Complex, Hospital, Water Tank
Purifying Facility Swimming Pool, Spa, Hot Spring
Compressor Various types of industrial compressors

Removal Effect of Magtight

Removes rust and prevents red colored water.

Red rust generally build up from ferric-oxide(Fe2O3) and results red colored water to exist inside the pipe.Once red colored water appear, it is both time and cost consuming to have it removed.If Magtight is installed at early stage of the buildup, it stops red colored water from appearing.


Keep the water clean and environmentally friendly.

Prevents Calcium Build-up.

Calcium and silica build-up can cause the pipe to get clogged.By using the effect of the magnetic field, it cleans inside the pipe and prevent the build-up.


Improve the cooling system and cost down significantly.

Remove the tough build-up.

Ionize inside the pipe, soften and melt down the build-up.It washes away with water.It increases the effectiveness of cooling system and reduce CO2.


Better energy conservation - This system was presented at JAPIA(Japan Auto Parts Industries Association)

Prevents slime build-up.

By reducing the organic matter within the water, it suppresses the microorganism binding and prevent slime to build-up.


Effective on low cost system maintenance.

Turns the red rust to black rust to improve the durability.

Red rust is the proof of oxygen absence.It becomes triiron tetroxide(Fe3O4) and colonized.The Black rust is capable of shutting down the binding of water and iron that causes the red rust to appear.


Long lasting effect.

  • Magtight is innovated with combination of original structure using yoke, and neodymium rare earth permanent magnet.With these two elements together, it created the strongest magnetic field and increases the water activation.
    Pipe diameter MAGTIGHT using 2 pcs EXISTING LINE using 3 pcs
    Magnetic strength Magnetic Strength
    Inside Outside Inside Outside
    20A 1450 1690 135 650
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Semi-permanently effective.(magnet depletion 3-5% per 100 years)
  • Heat resistance up to 120c(when customized heat resistant magnet is packaged with heat resistant polycarbonate)Can be installed on the area of high heat pipe.