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Cogging Torque Meter
Small-Sized Cogging Torque Meter

[ Feature ]

We focused on creating specially for measuring the cogging torque and made it possible to measure other rotating system such as bearing.Other torque meter system is also available as well as custom made specification torque meter system.

[ Standard Specification ]

Rating Torque 5mNEm
Rotation Frequency 1`10rpm
Rotation Direction CW/CCW (switching possible)
Computer Control Analog Output also possible
Power AC100V 50E60HZ

[ Overall Size ]

Torque Stand : 200W x 126H x 320D (mm)

Control Area : 260W x 99H x 350D (mm)

Full Automatic Responsive Cogging Torque Meter

[ Feature ]

Measure the low torque with high precision

Easy to assembly the work

Able to response full automatic system

[ Standard Specification ]

Measurement Torque 0.05-2mNEm (standard)
Rotation Frequency 1-30 rpm
Rotation Direction CW/CCW
Frequency Characteristics DC-100Hz
Controlling System Computer Controlled
Power AC100V 50¥60Hz

[ Overall Size ]

200W x 400H x 400D

Specification and outlook may be subjected to change due to system update.

We also design and manufacture carrier device.